Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Bronze @ Bath Open Championships 14th July 2013, United Kingdom

I am back again to tell you about the Bronze Medal I got at the Bath Open Championships at University of Bath, UK on 14th July 2013. This is the 8 year of Bath cup and most of the Gymnastic Clubs in UK compete here.  

Saturday - 13th July 2013:

Thank you Uma Aunty for support
Today, I woke-up at 8 am and started to pack our bags and food that we needed for the day. All the preparation took about 2 hours. At around 10:45 am we started to go to Reading from there we were to go for competition the next day. Our plan was to go to Ealing Broadway and then to Reading. We reached Startford to take the overground train to  Wilsdon Junction since the train to Ealing Broadway was not due until next one hour. We thought we could take an other train and change at Wilsdon Junction. On our way the train had some technical problems therefore the overground agency had to stop at  Camden Road Station to get the train repaired. All the doors were closed and it was the hottest day of UK with 31 degrees, Since the train was air-conditioned we could not open the windows and the the A/C was switched-off with hundreds of people inside. A couple of people started to press the emergency alarms due to the difficulty in breathing and few were almost fainting. Finally, it started to move after few minutes, Since, the train's technical fault could not be repaired they had to terminate the train at the next stop. We took the next train which was for clapham junction. But this train was converted as a fast train to clapham junction from Wilsdon Junction. Therefore, we took other train to from Wilsdon Junction to Shephard Bush. From Shephard Bush we got Central Line Train to Ealing Broadway.  From Ealing Broadway we went to Reading by the First Great Western Train. 

At Reading Uma Aunty came to pick us up from the Station. That Evening we went to the town centre to pickup some stuff for the competition the next day.

Sunday - 14th July 2013:

All Set for my First Performance @ Bath Cup
Today I woke up at 6 am and did some Yoga, got ready and started by Car to BATH. It was a 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Reading. When we got to the Bath University, it took us some time to find the Venue. After going to the sports hall I started to do my Warm-Up just when Kristina, Natasha, Anastesia and Arina from LSA arrived. Anstesia did my makeup and Natasha quickly helped me in making my hair set for the competition. I changed into my Leotard and got ready for the March on.
My Supporting Team at the Competition
after my performance with
Arina, Anstesia, Natasha

I was competing in Intermediate Level in Juniors. There were 25 competitors in my category. My sequence number to perform for the competition was 13th member. The order in which I was performing with the apparatus was Hoop, Ball, Clubs and finally Ribbon.

By the time I finished my last apparatus it was 1:30 pm. After I finished I went to cafeteria to get some thing to eat, since I did not eat much in the morning. Then at around 2:30 pm Milana (LSA team member - Elite under 11 category) arrived and her performance started after 3 pm.  So, I sat in the audience along with the other LSA team to cheer her.

Meghana Reddy Gundlapally, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Bronze Medal at Bath Open Championships, University of Bath, UK
The presentation ceremony took place at 6 pm. Before the presentation there was a show put-up by Gymnasts from City of Bath. I was very happy when my name was called-out for 3rd Place in Hoop. That was the apparatus that I got medal. The presentation ceremony was really long since there were a lot of Gymnasts competing. The presentation was over by 7 pm. After the presentation we took taxi to the Bath Spa Station and started back home at half past 7 by Train.

It was really late by the time we got home and also we were really tired so we went to straight to bed.

Learning :

  • Working Hard to Prepare 
  • Focusing on Improving my self

Thank you all for reading and hope you will like it.... See you next time....

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Experience @ Rose Cup 2013 - United Kingdom

Rose Cup, 2013


It was at around 9 o clock in the evening we started to Kristina's House. After reaching there I realised that I forgot my Leotard for the Competition. Kristina said that was not a problem since Mom and Dad were coming the next day for the competition. However, she told me for my next competition to make a list of things that are necessary and keep ticking them off as I pack them.

We say a part of the movie along with Anasthijia, Kristina, Anna and few others that night. We also played with Kristina's kittens and went to bed at around 10:30 pm. That Night I could not sleep properly since I was excited for my competition as it was the first one I was playing in London.


We Woke up at 5:30 am and got ready. For Break Fast Kristina asked us to choose between Bread & Butter, Cereles & Milk(C&M).  Since, I did not like the C&M, I choose Bread & Butter. We started from the house at 7 am and stopped at the Gas Station for refueling our vehicle and then we started towards NorthomptonShaire.  It was a 2 hours Journey to reach the venue. By the time we reached  the orientation &  the march on started for my group. So, I had to change into my Leotard and start my warm-up. I was upset on missing the orientation since it was a most important part of the competition. For us to see what type of floor it is and how smooth or rough it was for the pivots. In this competition I was using only my Ribbon.

During my competition I made a few mistakes :  missed my risk, did not finish my last element since the music was not enough. This was because I was holding my previous balances more than required time.

Finally, I stood 4th in the group. Kristina told me that without my above mistakes I would have could have got 2nd Place. She told me that its okay for now, next time onwards not to repeat my mistakes.

My Learnings:

- Making a Checklist for Competition
- Time consciousness

Thank you for reading. Stay Tuned for more of my experience sharing...