Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Experience @ Rose Cup 2013 - United Kingdom

Rose Cup, 2013


It was at around 9 o clock in the evening we started to Kristina's House. After reaching there I realised that I forgot my Leotard for the Competition. Kristina said that was not a problem since Mom and Dad were coming the next day for the competition. However, she told me for my next competition to make a list of things that are necessary and keep ticking them off as I pack them.

We say a part of the movie along with Anasthijia, Kristina, Anna and few others that night. We also played with Kristina's kittens and went to bed at around 10:30 pm. That Night I could not sleep properly since I was excited for my competition as it was the first one I was playing in London.


We Woke up at 5:30 am and got ready. For Break Fast Kristina asked us to choose between Bread & Butter, Cereles & Milk(C&M).  Since, I did not like the C&M, I choose Bread & Butter. We started from the house at 7 am and stopped at the Gas Station for refueling our vehicle and then we started towards NorthomptonShaire.  It was a 2 hours Journey to reach the venue. By the time we reached  the orientation &  the march on started for my group. So, I had to change into my Leotard and start my warm-up. I was upset on missing the orientation since it was a most important part of the competition. For us to see what type of floor it is and how smooth or rough it was for the pivots. In this competition I was using only my Ribbon.

During my competition I made a few mistakes :  missed my risk, did not finish my last element since the music was not enough. This was because I was holding my previous balances more than required time.

Finally, I stood 4th in the group. Kristina told me that without my above mistakes I would have could have got 2nd Place. She told me that its okay for now, next time onwards not to repeat my mistakes.

My Learnings:

- Making a Checklist for Competition
- Time consciousness

Thank you for reading. Stay Tuned for more of my experience sharing...

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