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My Journey : National Games 2015, Kerala - India : GOLD & BRONZE

Let me take you through my journey to 1 GOLD and 1 Bronze medal. My Feeling : I was pretty confident to begin my competitions. I had a lot of support from my team mates who encouraged to build confidence.

Day 5 : 3rd February 2015 : Tuesday : Qualifications & Team Championships : Jimmy George Stadium, Trivendrum, Kerala - India

Make-up Session with Olga Gontar
my Coach at the Games
The previous day the organizers divided the states into Section A & B. I was in Section A who were supposed to perform in the morning session. The order of performance was also given to us. I was performing Hoop at 6th, Ball at 1st and Clubs at 1st. Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to perform Ribbon as we were 4 team members and allowed to perform total of 10 routines. On the day of the competition the Andhra Pradesh(AP) team arrived only 20 minutes before the reporting time. Due to this I did not have the time to get my makeup done properly and also not enough time to warm-up.

Appeared on Deccan Chronicle
- Trivendrum, Kerala India (Read - Rhythmic Gymnastics)
I could not take part in the march since I was warming-up. We were given a time of 5 minutes for the podium training after which our 1st apparatus was checked to see if it was according to regulations. Since I was 6th to perform, I went back into the warm-up hall to practice.  However, I was called to perform 5th due to some changes.

My overall performance was okay with very minor mistakes. After all the performances of participants, I was qualified to play finals. These competitions were also considered for the Team Championships and as a state team - AP we finished 5th after Delhi.

Day 6 : 4th February 2015 : Wednesday : All-Round Competitions

Today we had the all round competition in which only the top 8 players could perform from previous day. The sequence of this competition was decided based on the places which the athlete secured  the previous day. The sequence of apparatus performed Hoop, Ball, Clubs & Ribbon. The biggest strength in this competition was the choreography of my routines. This would add a lot of value for my execution points.

My Bronze Medal Ceremony
My First apparatus was hoop - The performance was much better than the first day. I did not repeat the mistakes that I made on the first day. I got the best score out of all my apparatus in this All-Round Competition.  Ball - I was second to perform in this apparatus. Therefore, I did not go to the warm-up hall after podium training. This was also better than the previous day.  Clubs - This is my favorite apparatus. I did good on the performance. Ribbon - The most unique thing about my Ribbon routine is its music and composition. During podium training my ribbon hook broke and I had to borrow and replace, due to this I did not had enough time to practice before my competition :( . I was able to perform well in spite of this.

With all the performances over, I got the 3rd position to win Bronze and missing my Silver with 0.1 difference. In a competition every nano second makes a difference so as the points.

How did I feel after the performance : I was really overwhelmed when mom called me  and informed the ranking. I did not think about the next day as I was tired by then and wanting to rest to start the next day more stronger.

Day 7 : 5th February 2015 : Thursday : Individual Apparatus Finals

Today the reporting time was 10 am in the morning therefore we arrived by 930 am, finished my warm-up and makeup. Unfortunately, I had a severe back pain for which I had to take pain killers before changing into my leotard after consulting the medical team at the stadium. 

On the first day I performed only three apparatus therefore, even today I was qualified to perform only three. I was happy that my coach Olga Gontar , was there with me throughout the competition, she kept me firm and strong all through. 

HOOP : Since there were only 8 athletes compete for each apparatus, I could not go to the warm-up hall after podium training. During podium training I did my whole routine twice. For me to report to the mat I was escorted by a volunteer holding the name of my state. I was happy with the overall performance and did not make any mistakes and the routine came out well. The organizers placed two chairs next to the mat so that we athletes and our coaches could sit and wait for the difficulty scores to be announced. 

BALL : For the podium training I did the routine twice again and practiced all my throws. During the competition I felt Déjà vu since  I was doing the same performances for the past three days. I really liked the Ball routine since the composition was the most beautiful , i ever had ,if it was not olga ,my routine would have never been so different  .

Before the next apparatus we had medal ceremony for Mens Artistic & Women Artistic Gymnastics. 
Dipa Karmakar got the Gold, Pranti Nayak - Silver and Pranati Das - Bronze in all round championship.  In the Mens Artistic where Rakesh Kumar Patra - Gold, Ashish Kumar - Silver and M Sinoj - Bronze. I was so happy to meet all of those, who are the best gymnasts in the country. 

CLUBS :  This was the third and last performance for me. As it was the last performance I preserved all my energies for the last apparatus. I thought for myself that I have been doing these for many times in the past two days and that I could make it better than the last two times. 
Meghana Gundlapally with her medals

Meghana with Akshita Tai
I did not make even a single fault this time and I made sure that my body did not relax until the I got off the carpet.  I made sure that all my apparatus handling were correct. I was over joyed that I finished my competition with an amazing routine.

The Difficulty score was announced immediately after the performance and I got the highest D score 
in this apparatus. That same day evening the final scores were announce and I was adjudged as the Best in Clubs winning Gold.  

Doordarshan Sport Interview 
The medal ceremony for Rhythmic Gymnastics was held on the same day in the evening. I was elated on receiving the GOLD  Medal along with my proud Coach Olga Gontar and my mom at the stadium. After the medal ceremony there were number of reporters taking the interview of Olga and myself. We got loads of pictures to capture our memories. 

Dipa Karmakar, Pranati, Meghana &
Happy for Aruna : On the same day were the competitions for WAG in the events of Vault & Uneven Bars. On 6th February the Floor and Beam was held for WAG. In these competition Aruna Budda Reddy from AP secured a Bronze in Vault and Silver on Floor. i am so lucky to have her in my life ,the most amazing gymnast with so much self confidence and strength. 
Meghana With Aruna Budda Reddy 

Day 8 : Friday : On 6th February the AP team along with Pranati Nayak, Dipa Karmakar went to the beach to enjoy ourselves on finishing the competition with good performances. 

Day 9 : 7th February : Saturday : Return Home 

Dad, Grand Mother and Me
 Grand Father - Gundlapally Venkat Reddy
waiting at the airport
Grandmother, Grand Father - Malreddy Shankar Reddy
at the airport
With Narsaiah Sir of  SATS, Olga
and with my Family
Warm Reception at the Airport Hyderabad
Proudly with Olga
Meghana's Gold
Feeling Happy with
I started early in the morning at 5;30 am along with the AP team and drop them off at the Railway Station and headed to the hotel where mom and olga were staying. Later on at the airport we were joined by Natasha and her Dad. We also met Varsha Tai and Sanjeevani Tai at the airport.and also rohit jaswal bhaya, Our flight was to Hyderabad via Chennai. On arrival at the Hyderabad International Airport we were welcomed by our Family with Flower Bouquets. 

Learning : 

  • To make sure , to be ahead of the scheduled time at the venue of the competition. This would help in preparing well without rushing. 
  • By looking at the other Gymnasts I learned a lot about being in the spirit of sport. 

With Maharastra Team
 and Varsha Tai
With J&K Team and Krupali Madam
With Akshita Tai, Pooja Tai & Disha
With Srinivas Uncle, Who drives me
all the time for practice sessions at

Monday, 16 February 2015

Meghana Reddy Gundlapally @ National Games, Kerala, 2015 (Before the Competition)

Hello Everyone, 

I know it has been a very long time that I have written anything in the blog, but the past is in the past.
from now on-wards I will try to update it as frequently as possible.This time I will be sharing my experience at the National Games 2015 Kerala. 


Selfie : National Games 2015,
Greenfield Stadium
Selfie : Outside Greenfield Stadium :
Meghana, Natasha & Aruna
Today was the last day that I had training at the Gachibowli stadium Hyderabad and our flight was in the afternoon, so we had to have a morning session, in which I did all four apparatus with music three times each.Once we came back home we had to quickly get ready and leave for the airport.It was a good thing that we finished our packing the day before or else we would have surely missed our flight. It was only mom, my coach Olga Gontar, and myself who were traveling to Kerala. We had some time to spare when we reached the airport so we thought that we could do a little last minute shopping at the decathlon store near by.While we were boarding we meet the MD for the sports authority of Telangana state (SATS) who was also traveling in the same flight as us.

Meghana Gundlapally, Aruna Budda Reddy,
Natasha Rayaprolu
with Brij Kishore Sir & Srinivas Sir

Andhra Pradesh Women Gymnastics Team
@ National Games 2015
It was early evening when we reached Trivandrum. we made our way to the national games village (NGV) along with  the Telengana tennis team.On reaching the village we discovered that the Andhra Pradesh gymnastics team were at the Jimmy George indoor stadium (venue for gymnastics) for the felicitation of all the international players in gymnastics .

Once everyone was back from the stadium we had our dinner and went to the room that were allotted for us. By then mom and Olga had left for their hotel room since they could not stay at the games village without an accreditation card. I was sharing  room with Aurna di (Sister Aruna - used for elder and to represent the respect as "di"or "didi" means sister) and Natasha di. When i was settling in all of a sudden, out of no where Player-A (PA - do not want to use the name) comes into the room and starts to shout on aruna di. She was blaming aruna di that she was fine with sharing a room with me but not a room with her . The other parents who were there tried to reason with her but PA was not ready to listen so we asked her to leave because we had to sleep and get some rest.
Natasha & Meghana Gundlapally

Once things calmed down we got ready for bed. As we were about to sleep we saw a huge spider (almost the size of my palm) on our bedroom wall. The three of us came out screaming and shouting .Shusmita di who was in an other room also came out due to our shouting.we tried to show her the spider but it had disappeared . Just as she was going back to her room the spider slowly crawls out from behind the towels. Shusmita di send it out through the window and everyone went back to bed.

DAY 2 - 31st JANUARY,  SATURDAY - Opening Ceremony

National Games 2015, Kerala :
Green Field Stadium
National Games 2015 Kerala
- Countdown 
Today was the official opening of the national games.The opening ceremony was in the evening so the team was taken to the Jimmy George Stadium to review the environment for the games. The mats were not yet placed by then, only the spring boards were setup. After the athletes were around the stadium with bit of practice, we left back to the national games village (NGV).   The AP gymnastics team did not receive track suits by then therefore, we were not allowed to participate in the parade. But we went to the Greenfield stadium to witness the opening ceremony. We spent some time and returned back to the Village. 

DAY 3/4 - 1st  & 2nd FEBRUARY 2015 -  Sunday & Monday

During the Practice :
Srinivas & Brij Sir
Today was the competition for Artistic Gymnastics so I was free to witness the games as our team was playing. After the completion of the competitions, we were allowed to practice on Rhythmic Mats. We practiced for 2 hours from 7 pm to 9 pm.

The Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions were lined-up from 3rd February 2015. Stay tuned for more on the actual competitions. See you again.....