Friday, 5 February 2016

Breaking the Barriers : My Experience @ FIGIII MTK Budapest Cup - Hungary

Picture Captured by 
Daniel Palhegyi
Here is my post after a long time. I thought of sharing some of the competitions that I attended after my National Games 2015 at Kerala. After participating the National games, it was turn to participate in some international tournaments in 2015.  We had planned for few games and today in this Blog Post I am sharing my experiences at FIG III MTK Cup Budapest, Hungary 7-9th August 2015. 
With Team from Canada, Estonia & Azarbaijan


This was my first ever FIG competition. We started preparing one month before the competition. I got my new routines by Ms.Nami Soeda a coach, from japan who was in india for a training camp in delhi. We invited her to help me in setting these new routines. While we have her here the Gachibowli Stadium got closed, so we started going to the saroonagar stadium. Since the stadium was almost 54 Kms from my place, we planned only one visit in the morning and did routines there.  During the evenings I planned for strength exercises back home.  I had one control training (with the costume) one week before leaving for the competition. This way it helps us to feel the competition and make our adjustments if any. 

We travelled to Budapest via Dubai with a long stop-over. 

Day 1 - Just in Budapest, Hungary
After Day1 Competition with Catherine & Nicole from Canada
As we landed we were received at the budapest airport by the organizers along with the mexican team.  We were taken to the competition arena where we registered ourselves. After that we went to the hotel and checked-in to fresh-up. I went to see they competition arena in the evening. At that time the Ukrainian team were having their podium training. We spent some time at the stadium and returned back to hotel. 

With Head Coach of Ukrain
Day 2: Acclimatization & Podium Training
I had my podium training in the afternoon. We had breakfast in the morning came back to the room and set everything for the podium training. We went early to do warm-up and routine preparation.
I did the podium training with the hungarian team. After lunch we came back and saw the russian world cup team(yana and mamun) and the MTK cup team(arina and dina averina and maria titova)do their podium training.

Today I met the team from the Jasco RG club from Canada (where nami used to train before she came to india). In the evening did practice with the katherin and nicole (from the jasco club -Canada)in the training hall B(extra hall with four more mats for training).  It was good experience to practice and see best of the gymnasts. 

Day 3 - The Day of Competition 
Coach from Ukraine
My Competition was in the evening. We had our lunch and got ready for the competition. I did my warm up and ballet along with katherin and nicole. After the group one started saw the first few performances and then started warming up with the apparatus. I got dressed in to my leotard when the first player of my group started. There were a total of 42 player in the FIGIII MTK Cup and there were two groups of 21 each and I was in the second group. My turn was 6th in the order of 21 people.
When there two more people left to go I stopped practising and closed my eyes and concentrated on how i will be doing my routine. This will help me to rehearse in my mind before the actual performance. 

On the Podium : When I went on the carpet I forgot about everything else and only concentrated on how I will be doing my every move and element. And before I knew  1 minute 30 seconds performance finished with a perfect ball routine. There was no loss of apparatus but there were a few mistakes with the execution and the difficulty. After my routine was over i went over to the side and sat on the couch waiting eagerly for my results. While I was waiting for the results I saw the live performance of Maria Titova (also known as the swan) for the first time ever. It was 11.450 the score that was given to me. I could not believe it. After all the hard work and dedication I had finally reached the first double digit for a the first time by any indian rhythmic gymnast. 

Selfie with Canada Team Coaches
I had to work on the next routine that was hoop. I did the same thing that I did with ball worked on the routines and when there were only two people left I started concentrating on how i should perform the routine.The over all routine was good with one or two small slips of the hoop. The score was 11.300 for Hoop. Mom was so over joyed that she started crying(in joy). The Canada coach who was there thought that mom was upset with my results (since she was crying ) and came over to her to tell that its ok to get a score like that in the first competitions. But it was a great day to remember. 

Day 4 - Two More to Go 
Today was the same as well except I was in the group 1 instead of group 2. I did not know that, but luckily we went to the arena early since i wanted to see the finals of the world cup happening at the same time in Budapest, Hungary. Thats when we saw the new time table given and I did not have as much time for the body preparation. I did get ready on time and also practiced the routine. The first apparatus was ribbon. After the performance the score that I got was 10.750. The second apparatus was clubs and the final event for this competition. I did better preparation than ribbon. This time I got a score of 11.500. 

With Azerbaijan & Canada Gymnasts
Once my competition was over went back to the hotel and got ready for the banquet dinner. The  banquet dinner is held by the host country for all the delegations after the entire competition is over. All the participating countries and gymnasts were present there. I met with the entire Canada team as well as a player from Azerbaijan and Estonia.

Day 5 :  Budapest Visit & Transit to Oslo

That day our flight was in the evening to Oslo, for the next competition at Asker, Norway. So we went to see the city of Budapest in the morning. Its a beautiful city and we enjoyed the breath of fresh air with my result been good.

We never know what kind of experiences that we have, but if we are prepared well and put your 100% of effort, we would definitely win over every situation. After all Sports are not for winning, but to enjoy the spirit of Game. I truly feel and enjoy the game that I love. 

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I would be writing about my experience at Asker, Norway in my next blog post.